The Katy Railroad Revisited

Photographer Robert Byrnes
Description Photos of The Missouri Kansas and Texas Railway taken in June 2000.

This page is dedicated to the memory of the Missouri Kansas and Texas Railroad. On June 13th, 2000 I started a journey to find any remnants of the Katy. I started at MP 157 in Katy, Texas where the old MKT track from Smithville to Houston ended do to an Interstate highway upgrade. I followed the right of way as closely as I could to Parsons, Kansas to photograph anything related to the Katy Railroad. Here are the photos that I took.

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The railfan, ready for the journey The vehicle, not quite Katy green but close enough This is where the journey begins in Katy, Texas MP 157 MKT gondola #16284 in Brookshire, Texas Trestle across the Brazos River west of Brookshire
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Ex-Katy trestle west of Brookshire, Texas Cat Spring MP 1024 from Kansas City on the MKT MKT Depot in LaGrange, Texas LaGrange MP 989 ex-MK&T Depot LaGrange Depot Video Store now closed
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MKT Caboose #106 International Car Co wide vision built 1966 The Katy House Bed & Breakfast in Smithville, Texas Katy Railroad Division Surgeon Dr. J. D. Stephens' clinic and home Restored MKT Depot in West Texas MP 827.4 on the old Katy MKT Caboose #213 built 1949 and rebuilt 1980 with wide vision cupola
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Katy Depot in the town of West, Texas Another view of the restored depot MK&T RR caboose and depot in West, Texas Bridge in Whitesboro, Texas of the MKT and TP Railroads MKT depot in Checotah, Oklahoma, moved from track and retored
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Ex-Katy depot built 1890 in Checotah, Oklahoma Ex-Katy Caboose #205 in Checotah, Oklahoma MP Caboose and Katy hopper car in Muskogee, OK Ex- Katy Caboose #109 in Oswego, Kansas Sign in Oswego, Kansas

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