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Photographer Mark Mathiews
Description These images of the ex-MK&T were taken in the San Antonio area.

April 8, 2002 (2).jpg (58025 bytes) April 8, 2002 (1).jpg (51024 bytes) April 8, 2002 (4).jpg (43490 bytes) April 8, 2002 (5).jpg (41118 bytes)
Bridge in Luxello, Texas over Ciblo Creek on the ex-MK&T Railroad. Old MK&T Railroad bridge just north of section 453 at Evans Road Luxello. This is a bridge at East Houston Street in San Antonio. A closeup shot of the same bridge in San Antonio, Texas.
April 8 2002 (3).jpg (59470 bytes) image_map.gif (12953 bytes)
Looking south on section
453 of the old MK&T
Railroad at a red signal.
Click on the image above to
see a map of the location
of the Luxello bridge pictures.
May_27_2002_1.jpg (86847 bytes) May_27_2002_2.jpg (132669 bytes) May_27_2002_3.jpg (83972 bytes)
Ex-MK&T bridge in Landa Park in New Braunfels, Texas Ex-MK&T bridge in New Braunfels Ex-MK&T bridge built 1928 over Landa Street
May_27_2002_4.jpg (79573 bytes) May_27_2002_7.jpg (100567 bytes) May_27_2002_6.jpg (67436 bytes)
New Braunfels, Texas Ex-MK&T bridge over Landa Street Ex-MK&T Scale Test Car in San Antonio, Texas Ex-MK&T covered hopper at Pioneer Flour Mill in San Antonio
MKT_caboose_106.jpg (96995 bytes) smithville.jpg (92683 bytes) May_27_2002_5.jpg (126993 bytes)  
Ex-MK&T #106 and Motor Car in Smithville, Texas Smithville, Texas Ex-MK&T and Ex-MP crossing in New Braunfels, Texas

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