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Photographer Ron Mathews
Description These images of The Missouri Kansas and Texas Railway taken in the 1990's.

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mkt_157.jpg (30986 bytes) mkt_rm1.jpg (26610 bytes) mkt_rm2.jpg (28417 bytes) mkt_rm3.jpg (26160 bytes)
December 1997
Mile post 157 the end of MKT track
December 1997
Track removal equipment on the ex-Katy right of way
December 1997
Removing MKT track Houston, Texas
December 1997
Rail cars of the Union Pacific Railroad
mkt_rm4.jpg (25932 bytes) mkt_rm5.jpg (36604 bytes) mkt_rm7.jpg (39279 bytes) mkt_gon.jpg (34686 bytes)
March 17, 1994
Track removal equipment near Mile post 157
December 1997
Union Pacific MofW equipment on ex-MKT track
December 1997
Union Pacific MofW crew removing track in west Houston
December 1997
Ex-MKT gondola car at Eureka Yard Houston, Texas

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